One of the founding members at MIZU FILTERS was diagnosed with cancer and not wishing to accept conventional treatment he started to search out alternatives. On the journey of discovery, it became clear that the immune system was a very important element and what we put into or bodies effects how much work our immune system has to do, since our bodies are 60% water it seemed a sensible avenue to explore.

The water we consume through our kitchen tap has already been through other people’s bodies before entering ours, the water companies do there best to remove as many contaminates as possible and disinfect to guard against disease, unfortunately it is not possible at this stage to remove many of the contaminates that may be injurious to health and as mentioned earlier already passed through other’s bodies. Even spring water may be contaminated with drugs and hormones excreted by animals roaming the land or whatever has been spread on the land to help crops grow, this will eventually percolate through the soil into a water course, and then into drinking water.

On researching water filters, it was found that most of them took out similar substances but what they didn’t do was take out plastics, hormones or other endocrine disrupters.

A new approach was needed, in conjunction with our partners we have brought to the market a new concept in water filtration, a system that can remove or reduce all the contaminates we believe are injurious to health, at an affordable cost with ongoing backup.


Pure Water the Essence of Life