One of the most advanced filter system currently available,
removes more impurities & contaminants than any other under sink water filter system

Unique Disruptor™ water filtration technology


The filter media is made by Ahlstrom in Helsinki, Finland. They are the world’s largest specialty paper manufacture. Ahlstrom manufactures the paper known as the Ahlstrom Disruptor® which is used in the MIZU Disruptor filter cartridge.

Using unique, Disruptor™ filtration technology, MIZU Disruptor system removes more impurities than any other water filter, including chlorine and harmful bacteria. Electro adsorption enables the removal of a wide range of contaminants. It also means the water filter media can have larger pores, allowing much faster water flow. 401 Disruptor’s electro adsorption water filters remove viruses and pathogens (including legionella), cellular debris, trace pharmaceuticals, chlorine and particulates. MIZU Disruptor’s unique Disruptor™ technology improves the safety and taste of drinking water.

Ground-breaking water filter technology harnesses a natural process called electro adsorption.

Three stage filter cartidge. stage one is a nano silver wrap to prevent bacteria build up inside the filter, stage two is a 5 micron coconut carbon filter made by KX Technologies, stage three is Ahlstrom Distruptor filter


The water filter media is covered by an electrical charge field, which is activated by contact with water.

It is the charge field that captures any contaminants in the water, even impossibly small ones.

That’s why Disruptor™ water filtration technology removes more impurities than any other, including activated carbon filters and so-called ultrafiltration media.


Protection Against:
+Reduces Chlorine
+Reduces Bad Tastes & Odours
+Reduces Heavy Metals
+Reduces Bacteria
+Reduces Giardia
+Reduces Cryptosporidium
+Reduces VOC’s & PCB’s
+Reduces Endocrine Disruptors
+Reduces Bisphenol A (BPA)
+Reduces Pharmaceutical Drugs
+Reduces Microplastics


Pure Water the Essence of Life