Made from durable BPA free Polypropylene double filter housing includes wrench and mounting bracket for easy installation.
MIZU FILTERS   Guardian Whole House Water Filtration System is one of the most advanced multi-stage water filter technology available.


1st Stage: filtration cartridge

contains a special blend of advanced media made up from Catalytic Activated Coconut Carbon coated with iron-hydroxide, Active Ceramic Media, Zeolite, Dolomite and silverised GAC carbon. CACC is (highly activated) by coating a positive (+) charge which enhances the adsorption of contaminants that have negative charge and is an advanced media designed to adsorb very high level of chloramines which are replacing chlorine in the disinfection process and form Trihalomethanes (THMs) – a cancer causing substance. Catalysed with Iron, Iron Catalyst has the highest Oxidation and Adsorption pores Inside as well as outside the activated carbon. The removal of tannins Including humic acid, fulvic acid and major constituents of natural organic matter. Humic substances with chlorine produce disinfection by products such as Trihalomethanes (THMs). A very big problem with organics are bacterial growth in water distribution systems by serving as food source that induce unpleasant taste and colour in drinking water. Catalytic coconut carbon coated with iron-hydroxide is tested to meet NSF 61 Standard


Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a number of unique characteristics. Zeolites were formed when volcanic ash was deposited in ancient alkaline lakes.
Based on numerous studies, Zeolite is effective adsorbent in numerous processes of purification of drinking water and wastewater, such as the removal of ammonia, nitrogen, dissolved organic matter, radioactive substances and the removal of heavy metals.
Zeolite is tested to meet NSF 61 Standard


Active Ceramics
Mg-Q is outstanding for sterilizing water and it emits far infrared and radiant energy, another outstanding ability of this ceramic based stone is it does not change the water’s composition, taste or smell. Which results in the water treated with Mg-Q having the same taste of natural mineral water. Mg-Q has strong sterilizing power on all hospital bacteria’s, which are contagious by water having a very strong sterilizing power against Escherichia coli, cholera, paratyphoid, typhoid, staphylococcus, yellow staphylococcus, Salmonella typhi, diphtheria fungus and spirillum to name a few. Because of its unique characteristics Mg-Q removes harmful heavy metals and radioactive isotope such as lead, Cesium 137, Cadmium, Strontiurm 90 which may be dissolved in water source. The water in which Mg-Q has been added to has abundant inorganic minerals, and the ration of Calcium and Magnesium become more than 3:1, which improves to control harmful activity oxygen. Another of Mg-Q qualities it can make the water more alkaline. Mg-Q is inorganic that does not dissolve. Thus, it does not effect in components, oxidization, thickness, taste, or smell at all. Mg-Q water tastes like mineral water.
FDA tested ceramic which emits far infrared and radiant energy with strong sterilizing power.


Is a synthetic high magnesia, semi calcined dolomitic limestone filter medium for the removal of carbon dioxide, iron and manganese from water. It also provides automatic pH control and adjustment of the Langelier Saturation Index, establishing well balanced water through simple filtration.

Self regulating dolomitic filter medium acts both chemically and physically raising the pH, calcium & magnesium and alkalinity, and diminishing acidity (excessive carbon dioxide) until the point of saturation is established (SI=0). The treated water deposits a highly protective, complex and dense ‘rust lime’ film which protects ferrous pipes and tanks against corrosion and cuts contamination by lead, zinc and copper. Also, due to the irregular shape of the porous grains it provides maximum surface area per unit volume which improves the removal of turbid matter. Heavy metal removal is achieved due to the alkaline milieu on the surface of the media metallic ions (if present) are trapped in the form of their insoluble hydroxides including lead, cadmium, copper and zinc.
The silverised GAC media also inhibits bacteria, algae, and fungi growth throughout the entire unit.


Impurities significantly reduced
bacteria (e coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)
cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)
Suspended Solids ≤1 micron
Humic Substances (organics)
Tannins and Lignin
Colour and Odour
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
bad tastes and odours
Trihalomethanes (THMs)
Phenols and p-nitro phenol
Heavy Metals (inorganic) ∙ Arsenic, Arsenate, Arsenide, Chromium, Copper, Aluminium, Cyanide, Lead, Mercury and Selenium


2nd Stage: filtration cartridge

The Ultra Disruptor Submicron Depth Filter, which is manufactured using a proprietary, patented, electro adsorptive media technology, capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange. This technology makes it possible for a nonwoven media to produce filtration efficiency comparable to ultra-membrane filtration but at very low pressure drop, with high flow rates and high loading capacity working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters.
This media has been specifically engineered to have an average pore size of 2 microns and a mean flow pore of 0.7 microns. This allows the naturally occurring charge field to affect the total volume of the individual pores, as well as virtually the entire void volume of the filter media itself.
The media in this filter cartridges efficiently retain inorganic and organic particulates, cell debris, endotoxins, virus, proteins, many colloids, bacteria and inorganic submicron particulates. Contaminants are removed by being exposed to a torturous path through the media, depth and the powerful electropositive charge.


Applications benefitting from the Ultra Disruptor filtration process:
Residential use where cost effective systems must be used and presence of pathogenic-laden water is of ongoing concern
Food and beverage industry for high purity water
Pharmaceutical industry for high purity water
Commercial pre-RO and ultra filtration treatment to sustain the life of the membranes
Greywater recycling for removal of pathogens
De-salination for pre-filtration


Benefits using the Ultra Disruptor Filter Cartridges versus other media:
Finer particle retention and filtration capacity (2 to 3-micron pore size comparable to a 0.02-micron size for virus removal)
Higher loading capacity (up to 25 times greater)
Greater efficiency in salt, brackish and fresh water
Wider pH operating window (4-9pH)
Very low pressure drop (approximately 2 psi)
The ability of using one stand-alone filter system to achieve pathogen, heavy metal, taste and odour, chemical and organics removal or reduction (the carbon and silver version); for a broad range of applications including residential whole house point-of-entry and point-of-use water filtration.
The media in the Ultra Disruptor filter is NSF/ANSI 42- and 61- certified and UPC-certified by the IAPMO organization (Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects), and USP Class VI testing and endotoxin testing.


The Ultra Disruptor filter reduces or removes the following pathogens:
>99.99% viruses (polio, rotavirus, norovirus, etc.)**
>99.99% bacteria (e coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)**
>99.95% cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)**


The Ultra Disruptor filter removes or reduces the following heavy metals:
>95% Lead**
>80% Ferrous Iron**
>95% Arsenic V**
>95% Cadmium**
>85% Chromium**
>75% Selenium**
>60% Mercury


The Ultra Disruptor filter removes or reduces the following organic and inorganic chemicals:
VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
PCBs and BPA
Residual pharmaceuticals and drugs
Endocrine Disruptors
Biofouling precursors: organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides
**Tested by a certified laboratory. (testing was done at 6.5pH)

Filter Size: 4.5 x 10 Inch (BB10)
Service Life: 1 year (subject to water conditions)



The MIZU FILTERS   Whole House Water Filtration System is designed to meet the needs of 2 bathroom home and can be simply installed under sink connected to your cold water supply.


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